What is CP Plus Software (2021) & its Best Features?


CP PLUS is that the global leader in advanced security & surveillance solution. Driven by the vision and commitment to make surveillance simple and affordable, CP Plus Software has begun a mission to make the earth a secure and secure place.


CP Plus sells products like Mobile DVRs, surveillance cameras, CCTV cameras, high definition IP video, video door phones, digital locks, home automation solutions, accessories and customized enterprise-level security systems.



CP Plus is owned by Aditya Infotech Ltd, part of the Aditya Group based in Delhi. Aditya Group has interests in real estate, textile, entertainment and media.

CP Plus Features :

CP PLUS Software brings savvy security and observation arrangements that ensure individuals, properties and resources. They guarantee wellbeing, security and efficiency in different modern cycles and help make the world more secure. Our incorporated security frameworks have been utilized in different circumstances and they convey far-reaching inclusion.


India’s financial area is as of now esteemed at Rs 81 trillion (US$ 1.31 trillion). Furthermore, can turn into the fifth biggest financial industry on the planet by 2020.

cp plus software - banking

The substance of Indian banking has changed throughout the long term. Banks are currently contacting the majority with innovation to work with more prominent simplicity of correspondence, as exchanges are helped out through the Internet and cell phones. This has made the requirement for banks to meet their clients’ prerequisites for a security greatly on numerous levels.


Instructive grounds present numerous special difficulties with regards to security. School grounds include an assortment of structures, each with its own security needs. Grounds surveillance cameras can fill in as a visual impediment to wrongdoing, for example, eve-prodding, harassing, ragging, defacing of property and so on and fill in as an important instrument, permitting understudies to meander under the protected watch of grounds surveillance cameras.

3.Hospital / Health Care


Observation in the Hospitality Vertical

Security and wellbeing at medical care offices are significant for both quality medical services and public wellbeing. Emergency clinics and centres are a place of refuge for those in physical or psychological condition, and progressively seen as a safe space in case of an enormous scope crisis, for example, a catastrophic event or fear-based oppressor assault.


Assembling offices and distribution centres are loaded up with crude materials, WIP or completed products consistently and in this way need nonstop checking and insurance. CP PLUS Software offers arrangements planned particularly for modern arrangements that oblige all their security needs including edge assurance; observing gear and creation measures; following vehicles and individuals entering and leaving the premises; access control and then some.

5.Law Enforcement

Police powers satisfy the difficult errand of guaranteeing harmony and request inside a city/state. Dealing with a clamouring populace can be an overwhelming assignment; be it guaranteeing traffic rules are being maintained, or grabbing the charged, or authorizing laws. In these cases, observation assumes a huge part. Reconnaissance likewise fills in as a fundamental proof assortment instrument, video film being quite possibly the most sound wellsprings of proof. All things considered, with regards to equity, there ought to be no space for equivocalness.


With CP PLUS Software arrangements custom-made to meet their particular prerequisites, Police powers would now be able to recognize, prevent/address occasions and crises with more prominent immediacy.

6.Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas destinations are frequently far off and detached with resources spread across huge territories and various areas. Such testing areas require a canny, hearty and proactive way to deal with security. From coastal treatment facilities, plants and pipelines to marine vessels and stages seaward, Oil and Gas enterprises are probably the most perilous conditions. Brutal climate, outrageous temperatures, far off areas, poor/no light conditions, risky specialized cycles in the midst of huge staff check are on the whole factors that make wellbeing and security both troublesome and fundamental in this industry.


CP PLUS Software is the main supplier of Video Surveillance; Thermal Imaging; Mobile Surveillance Cameras; Artificial Intelligent Based Analytics; Access Control Systems; Video Management Systems; Health Monitoring System; and so on explicitly intended to give across the board site security for Oil and Gas locales.

7.Real Estate

The land is one such industry that faces a desperate requirement for security and reconnaissance yet is generally disregarded. Completed designs, yet under building destinations also can be in danger of robbery, thievery, badgering, interruptions, and so forth manufacturers should be ready for these dangers. With CP PLUS Software reconnaissance arrangements explicitly intended for 360-degree edge insurance, these dangers can be proficiently tended to.

8.Safe City

Reconnaissance Solutions for Cities of the Future

City reconnaissance is significant for guaranteeing the wellbeing and security of residents and deflecting wrongdoing. By picking a coordinated, computerized reconnaissance framework, city authorities can perceive what’s going on across their whole city, from a focal control room. Browse CP PLUS Software’ scope of profoundly effective, solid and versatile city observation arrangements

9.Smart Traffic

Throughout the long term, the quantity of vehicles on the streets has expanded alongside the development of courses. Furthermore, consequently, there is a genuine requirement for making dynamic frameworks to oversee traffic stream and guarantee street wellbeing. CP PLUS Software brings a scope of keen traffic answers for defeat such conditions. In light of IoT and AI, our answers guarantee protected and smooth development for transport. CP PLUS observation frameworks offer powerful vehicle following and investigating for itemized data of occurrences. Ideal for metropolitan conditions, CP PLUS Software keen traffic arrangements help guarantee the wellbeing and security of vehicles and residents.


India’s vehicle area is enormous and assorted; it obliges the requirements of 1.1 billion individuals. Great actual availability in the metropolitan and rustic territories is fundamental for monetary development. Since the mid-1990s, India’s developing economy has seen an ascent sought after for transport framework and administrations. India has a broad organization of transport through ports, thruway organizations, rail routes and air terminals. While this drives trade, later on, it is likewise significant for the industry to find ways to defend and ensure transportation organizations and frameworks.


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