Some 5 Important Question Of Midasbuy


Answers to some five important questions that many people ask about Midasbuy :

1.Is Midasbuy Safe?

Yes, midasbuy is safe. There is no doubt. Even most Indian gamers buy UC through Midasbuy. It is a trusted source to make in-game UC purchases in PUBG. It is certified by PUBG Corporation. It is legal, but in India doesn’t work because PUBG is ban in India.

2.What is midasbuy India in Pubg?

Midasbuy is a platform for buying Top-Up for popular video games, music, video, and other forms of entertainment. However, it is mostly known for handling the in-game purchase for PUBG and PUBG Mobile India. This platform provides users with a number of special offers and promotional activities. Midasbuy India provides to users at a very cheap rate UC.

3.How do I buy UC through Midasbuy Website?

Step 1: First of all, go to the site.

Step 2: Then, tap the user icon and create an account or sign in with Facebook.

Step 3: Then, enter your Player id.

Step 4: After entering the id, select a product and choose a payment method & pay USD.

Step 5: after pay USD, check your UC in the pubg game.

4.Top 5 country has cheapest PUBG UCmidasbuy


Brazil is the most reasonable nation to purchase UC. Players can buy 15 UC (counting one reward UC) for just 1 Brazilian Real, around 15 INR. Thus, the Royale Pass costs a little more than 530 INR. In addition, PUBG Mobile parts in Brazil can buy 8400 UC (with a 2400 reward UC) for only 5300 INR.


You can’t find the Iran country straightforwardly on Midasbuy to make a UC to buy. In any case, as we assembled from different sources, 60 UC expenses around 3300 Tomas or 33000 Iran Rial – somewhat more than 59 INR. The Royale Pass comes for 594 INR here.


In Indonesia, players can’t buy the 60 UC bundle as indifferent workers. They can just purchase 263 UC as the base worth, which gives 13 reward UC, for 50 Indonesian Rupiah (260 INR). This is as yet less expensive when contrasted with the 250 UC bundle in India.


The fourth number on our list is Malaysia. Here, it costs approximately 34 INR to recharge 32 UC and 68 INR for 63 UC. The Royale Pass will take you 40 Malaysian Ringgit or 700 Rupees in Indian rupees.


Algeria takes the 5th number on the list of countries with lower UC prices. The smallest package that players can purchase UC in this server is 30, which costs 58 Algerian Dinar or 34 INR. The 8100 UC pack costs 6745 INR or 11,857 Algerian Dinar.

5.How to get PUBG UC for free?midasbuy

If you get free PUBG Mobile UC, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer some of the paid questions, watch videos, or complete offers and rapidly reclaim your earned point for PUBG UC. To do that, withdraw a Google Play Gift Card or an iTunes Gift Card from Idle-Empire Website.


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